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Bergstein’s mission is to give children a happy, colourful life in which they can be themselves. #HappytoB represents everything you can be happy about, with a nod to B for Bergstein.

Bergstein is a well-known brand for boys and girls. Famous by the hip rain boots who are made of soft natural rubber, which makes them extremely comfortable. In the meantime the collection exists different models boots and slippers.

The products are available in many vibrant colors, and are sure to perfectly match all of the wonderful moments you and your child will have together. Colors range from summer yellow to autumn brown. From the typically Dutch orange, to the red and green of the Christmas Holidays. But those small, simple moments are what really bring color to our lives. Nothing beats splashing in a puddle during a fresh spring shower together, or playing hide and seek in the woods. Because of the wide range of colors, perfect fit, and excellent value, Bergstein also make for perfect baby shower or birthday gifts. Every moment gets its own color.